scarf season

One of the best things about fall is scarves. They serve both function and fashion, which really is the ultimate combo. I have been obsessed with this mustard colour for years and I actually forgot about this scarf for awhile. I kind of love forgetting about things, because then when you find them, it's like they're new again! #yay

My baby bump is starting to poke it's way out and my pants are getting tighter and tighter. I'm feeling a little awkward and lazy, so this t-shirt and leggings combo is kind of what's happening right now. If you find yourself in an equally lazy situation, throwing on a knit vest and a colourful scarf can really help to amp up your mood and make you look presentable. In addition, the messy top knot is quite chic right now - so no one needs to know you haven't washed your hair. In a week.

t shirt - banana republic
vest - h&m
leggings - aritzia
scarf - zara
boots - aldo