baby it's cold outside

Toques have officially entered the rotation. #OhCanada.

At this point I shouldn't be complaining about the cold, but we were definitely spoiled by the abnormally warm fall this year. Me and my bump have been lucky thus far because a lot of last year's winter clothes still fit. And when I say clothes, I mean dresses and sweaters - my pants stopped zipping up a loooong time ago.

I love the pretty beige colour of this dress because it's super versatile, and it just looks polished. You really don't need to do much with it to look put together. I added #maternitytights and a hat because it's freezing outside, and easily topped it off with my usual gold accents.

dress - club monaco
tights - thyme maternity
hat - club monaco
boots - aldo
necklace - h&m
watch - timex
bracelet - tory burch