get well

The days are short, but they feel long. Sleep is limited, work is stressful, takeout is just so much easier than cooking. Sound familiar?
I often feel like I am running on fumes, with little time for myself. These are a few little things I use to keep myself looking and feeling fab!

'Night and Day' Remedy Bar / Saje - Essential oil roll-ons to help with energy, stress, sleep and headaches. I roll these on in a pinch when I need a little something extra. I love the energy remedy when I'm about to start my day!
'The Good' Cold pressed juice/ Greenhouse Juice Co. - Romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon & himalayan salt. I have always been a lover of juice, and thank God for Greenhouse! This juice is packed with nutrients and gives me the boost I need.
Loose leaf tea infuser / CB2 - Tea does wonders for so many ailments! I love loose leaf because you get so much more flavour.
Fresh Aloe - I keep an aloe plant in the house for those emergency steamer/stove/curling iron burns. It cools & heals, and is much more decorative than the bottled kind!
Bkr bottle - I am notoriously bad at remembering to drink water throughout the day. Cute water bottles remind me to stay hydrated!
Origins 'Drink Up' 10 minute mask / Sephora - Origins offers these single use mask samples for $5, which are actually good for 2 or 3 uses. They are great for giving your skin a quick boost, and for helping you decide which full size to buy!
Stress-fix body lotion / Aveda - If you buy one thing on this list, let it be this cream. It softens skin and has this amazing, calming scent. I feel instantly serene when I put it on.
'Daylina' hat / Club Monaco - A cozy and cute knit hat is a must to get through the winter. Stay warm and protect your hair from that vicious wind!