gold is my stapler

We have all experienced the stabbing pain of a safety pin with your extra buttons, or the scratch of the unnecessarily long tag in the side of your tshirt. If you're like me, you hastily remove these items and stash them in a pile somewhere, only to realize you have no idea how to wash that new silk blouse. Well, have I got the solution for you!
Grab a notebook (spiral works best - it has some room to expand), a stapler, and a pen. Each time you remove a tag, some extra thread, or extra buttons from a piece of clothing, staple it to a page in your book and write down the corresponding item beside it.
I notate it like this - colour / brand / description   or   purple / wilfred / turtleneck. 
As someone who gets very excited about organization, I am thrilled with how this turned out. Try it yourself, and marvel at your newfound sense of accomplishment!

Spiral notebook - Kate Spade
Gold stapler - Anthropologie