books of gold


One of my resolutions this new year was to read more books.  As a kid I read a lot, but somewhere during my transition to adulthood, books turned to magazines and clothing catalogues. Go figure.
I have often admired people who are very well read, and wondered if I should pick up some books on history or politics. But the truth is, I am not very interested in those topics. I am interested in fashion, in art, in making people laugh. I like to write. I love to cook, and I also love to eat out. I love learning about health and fitness. So why not read about those things?
Once I realized that there is no shame in my game, I discovered there are hundreds of books out there that are perfect for me. Books that will teach me about the things I love and about becoming a better me. 
The first of these is The Woman I Wanted to Be, by Diane Von Furstenberg. DVF is not only a fashion icon, but an inspiration to me as a woman. She exemplifies independence, authenticity and femininity. This book is beautifully written, and a must-read for anyone interested fashion or simply learning more about DVF.