I am and have always been a juice lover. I grew up on juice and I turned out fine - dandy you might even say! I love fruit juice, vegetable juice, and everything in between. Lucky for me, cold pressed juice is a booming trend right now, and I'm hoping it's here to stay!
Cold pressed juice is packed with nutrients and tastes delicious. What I love about local juiceries is they make their ingredients and the benefits of those ingredients readily available - usually this information is printed right on the bottle. As someone with a sensitive stomach, I find this info very helpful.
I love to grab a fresh juice if I am feeling extra sleepy, a little under the weather, or if I'm super rushed and don't have time for a proper breakfast. My favourite ingredients are ginger, lemon, pineapple and kale (not necessarily altogether). I especially love ginger because it gives it an extra kick!

Juice (Village Juicery) & treats available at Kupfert & Kim (wheatless and meatless!)