cute little crop

While perusing the mall the other night, I spotted this floral crop top folded up on a table. I was immediately drawn to its dainty pattern. I wasn't sure if it would fit me, but I grabbed it and bought it and took it home to try, because the mall was closing in two minutes. I won't disclose how often I am at the mall until closing.
As it turns out, the fit was perf, and I loved how it wasn't too cropped. It works perfectly with a plain ol' pair of black pants. I loved the simplicity of the look, so I chose a small gold necklace that wouldn't overpower (something I never would've done a few years ago!). Instead, I left the drama to the strappy shoes!
Now I'm ready for cocktails.

Top - Dynamite
Pants - Aritzia
Shoes - Aldo
Necklace - Kate Spade
Watch - Michael Kors