when it doesn't fit how you thought it would

I bought these culottes online, and they looked great on the model (as clothing always does online). I was under the impression they would be semi-high waisted, and that the length would fall past my knee. As you can see, neither is true of how they fit on me! 

The length isn't a big deal - they still look cute with heels. But the waist really doesn't fit me at all. It sits in a weird spot and does that awkward bubbling thing. But I loved them anyways and I was determined to wear them! (And the return date had passed). So I paired them with a loose pastel blouse, tucked it in and let it hang over the waist a little to hide the looseness. It ended up looking pretty cute, and the extra space proved useful at the brunch buffet. Glass half full, right?😉


Blouse - Aritzia
Culottes - Gap
Sandals - Club Monaco
Sunnies - Banana Republic
Necklace - Tory Burch
Watch - Michael Kors