faves from Elizabeth Grant


If you haven’t heard of Elizabeth Grant before, she’s a badass 95 year old woman who founded her skincare company after sustaining an injury during WWII. I had the opportunity to hear her speak at a live TSC taping, and she explained that her skin had been severely damaged in the war, and she discovered that a particular substance used to treat war wounds was extremely effective in improving the look and quality of her skin! From there, she developed Torricelumn - an ingredient that is unique to Elizabeth Grant - and she has been helping women improve their skin ever since!

What I think is really cool about EG Skincare is that it’s for everyone - not just a specific age group.  That eliminates the guesswork, so you can just focus on looking *fly* honey!


My absolute fave product from Elizabeth Grant is her Caviar Nutruriche protein enriched mask. I, like many millennial babes, love a good mask, but this one is different in that it’s super hydrating rather than drying. It has a gel-like texture that goes on smooth, and you can feel your skin drinking in the moisture while you wear it. You leave it on for 20 minutes, and afterwards your skin feels soft and primed. I find this is a great mask to do in the morning before makeup (if you have time!), or before bed for an extra moisture boost!


Some of my other EG faves are: 

  • Supreme Essence of Torricelumn - a super light serum for day & night, ideal for under moisturizer
  • Moisture Stick - multi-purpose hydration that’s great for on the go, ideal for lips (especially under lipstick!), cuticles and other problem areas
  • Collagen Re-inforce Lip Plumper - perfect for use over the moisture stick or any lip colour to give your lips a plump, full look

Read more about Elizabeth Grant here, and if you’re interested in trying any of her products check out TSC for some great discounts!