#FordDogDays in the Ford Explorer


A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test out the 2018 Ford Explorer, and as a growing family of 4 (including #OscardelaRenta🐶) the extra space was pretty luxe.


We’re used to getting creative with the way we pack our car in order to fit Milo and his car seat, Oscar, both their toys, our stroller, groceries and whatever else we need - but in the Ford Explorer, space was not an issue!


The trunk was huge, and the third row of seats can be folded flat to create even more space. YEP - there are 3 rows of seats. NO minivans for this mama! 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️


I usually ride in the back with Milo, so Oscar gets a front row seat with daddy. We were pleasantly surprised that he was able to jump up onto the seat himself using the step! #starboy


If you’ve ever been a back seat passenger in the Explorer, then you know there’s plenty of legroom - but again, coming from a smaller vehicle, I could not believe how comfortable it was!! I didn’t even feel like I was sitting in the back. And the middle seat was so big, Oscar could hang in the back with us too!


We drove the Ford Explorer to visit my family for Easter, and we loved having the built-in navigation to help us get through traffic. There are so many cool features on the Explorer, like the Adaptive Cruise Control and Power Liftgate, both of which help make traveling easier! And safety features like the Blind Spot Information System and Lane-Keeping System help to keep you and your family safe. 

You can check out all of that techy stuff here!

Driving from brunch to the dog park and everything in between was a breeze in the Explorer - we all loved it! Alex has been talking about getting an SUV for a while now, but after having a taste of all that space, I think he might be onto something! 😅


Ford was kind enough to pamper little Oscar with a much needed haircut from Timmie Doggie Outfitters, and he came out lookin' adorable AF! (Not to mention about 5 lbs lighter 😂).


Thanks to Ford Canada for having us take part in #FordDogDays - I think Oscar really enjoyed himself! 😄