juice beauty

I recently had the opportunity to experience a discovery facial at the Juice Beauty boutique at Holts Bloor, and learn a little bit about the brand. I was new to Juice Beauty and I tend to decide very quickly if a product is going to work for me, so I was eager to try it (and judge!).

During my facial I was educated on my skin type and the products that would be best for me, pretty standard stuff. As the treatment finished, I became very aware that I was in the middle of a luxury department store without a drop of makeup on. As someone who doesn't leave home without "my face", this was terrifying.

When I came face to face with a mirror, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, my face was naked - but my skin was glowing. And I don't toss that word around. I received a light makeup application and everything felt so great on my skin. The Juice Beauty products are formulated organic, vegan and cruelty free, so I can feel great about putting it on my face, as well as saving our furry friends! 

I took home a starter kit to really put Juice to the test, and a few weeks later I can honestly say I'm in love with the products. I have had past experiences where I've tried a new brand and spent a bunch of money on products that just didn't do anything for me. My skin craves a lot of moisture but is also very oily and acne-prone, so it's a bit of a guessing game figuring out what to use. The Juice products leave me feeling surprisingly hydrated all day, and when I wash my face and go to sleep I wake up feeling like I just moisturized. The first few days like this were honestly bewildering. I was like, how does my skin feel so good?!

If you're on the market for something new to try, I recommend making Juice Beauty at Holts Bloor your next stop. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and can help you find the right products for your skin. The kit I purchased was only $45 and included 5 products, so it's a great way to discover something new. And if your results are as good as mine, well, you're welcome.😉