marshmallow chic

I have always been obsessed with neoprene because it looks so amazing on, especially in form-fitting styles. But as it turns out, I'm obsessed with it in oversized silhouettes too. When I came across this dress I thought it was so interesting - it's not something you see every day. If it had been done in a different fabric I may have felt differently, but the stiffness of the neoprene combined with its oversized structure was just too cool. My hubby appropriately named it "the marshmallow dress", I'm not mad.

At 8 months pregnant I'm not feeling especially fabulous, so I was super excited to find something so unique to wear to the final day of TW (Toronto Women's Fashion Week).

On the first night I improvised with an oversized white button-up (which is no longer oversized, haha) and a vest, which you can see on my Insta page. On Saturday I had a really cool lilac outfit planned, but unfortunately my preggo pains were too much for me to make it to the shows. I'm hoping to share the look in another post soon though! :)

Stay tuned for recaps on some of the amazing shows we got to see!!

dress - oak + fort
shoes - adidas
bag - brian atwood