marshmallow world

I'm not loving the chilly air, but I have to be honest - I've been singing Christmas carols non-stop since the snow arrived this weekend! There's something so whimsical about a white Christmas.

I took to the snow to snap this adorable ruffled dress and my freshly golden locks, and the cold didn't even bother me (at first)! Oscar enjoyed himself too, dashing through the fluff and catching snowflakes as if they were bacon.

I got this dress at Zara, and I love the a-line silhouette because it easily accommodates my growing belly. I wasn't specifically going for warmth, but as it turns out it's quite soft and cozy as well! I paired it with a sparkly yet simple necklace, black tights and snow-friendly booties. I can't wait to wear it as I continue to grow. :)

dress - zara
tights - thyme maternity
boots - aldo
necklace - j.crew

Hair colour by Sarah at Grateful Head