my solemates

When Nordstrom opened in Toronto last fall, I was excited and curious as to what they would bring to the Canadian fashion game - and more importantly - to my closet. Well, after a few months of careful evaluation I am prepared to say that their shoe selection is life changing. With price points ranging from $50-$1000 and beyond, there is something for everyone, and it's all in one place. I can get my sneaker fix and ogle pretty party shoes without having to bounce from store to store. Genius!

In addition to stocking multiple brands & styles, Nordstrom also offers styles that I haven't found in any other Toronto store. Enter: these amazing metallic snakeskin mules. *heart eyes*
I mean, have you ever seen a more fabulous shoe?!

Mules are super hot this season, with every brand coming out with their own take. And not only are they an adorable and versatile style, but they're perfect for us preggos who can't reach our toes!!

Jacket - Aritzia
Sweater - Babaton
Leggings - Lululemon
Shoes - Nordstrom
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Pompom - H&M