new hair, new me 💁🏼

Between pregnancy and giving birth and raising a newborn, I've had little time or energy to deal with this mane. Which really is a shame because pregnancy does quite a number on your hair.

I'd heard rumors about what happens when those dreaded hormones descend, but it wasn't until about 2 months postpartum - when I started pulling out handfuls of hair in the shower - that I fully understood.

So with 4 inch roots, fried ends, breakage and hair loss, I decided enough was enough. I contacted holistic hair expert, Diana Osborne, to give my head an overhaul!

Here I am explaining the disaster that is my hair.

Here I am explaining the disaster that is my hair.

As a holistic hair expert, Diana looks at the whole picture. She has extensive knowledge in product ingredients, and uses products formulated without ammonia, sulphates & parabens, and low PPD - which is what most people are allergic to in colour! She uses products that contain lots of nourishing oils, and ones that are vegan, cruelty free, non GMO, and organic when possible. The cruelty free aspect is super important to me personally, because I am strictly against animal testing!!

Diana also has knowledge in diet and supplements, which is super helpful because not all of us know the right ways to feed our hair! She recommends a good quality hair skin and nails supplement to start, like the ones from AOR, Megafood or BioSil. I personally use the Megafood one and can attest to great results!!



Even though Diana's products are much less harmful than those traditionally used, she was still able to tackle all this serious growth. Now that I'm a mom, it feels great knowing there are healthier alternatives available to me! (Did I mention she can do pastel colours too? Yep.)


A few hours with Diana and I'm like a new woman - fresh colour, fresh cut, fresh style - and hair I can really feel good about! I mean, you be the judge. How do I look?? 😉




Check her out at and on Instagram @dianaosbornehair! 💜💜 

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