onesie problems

As we've been preparing for the arrival of our little peanut, I've been spending a lot of time online and in baby stores picking out cute little outfits. I mean, can you blame me? There are just so many adorable options! From baby animals, to cool geo prints, to tiny tuxes - I feel like this kid has more options than me!

But among all the cuteness were a few outfits that did not appeal to me. Outfits that, in my opinion, do not belong on a baby. The first one I came across had me a little surprised and confused, and then I kept seeing them - in every store. 

"Hey girl" 

"Ladies, I'm here!" 

 "Howdy gals"

-- tiny baby onesies with pickup lines scrawled across the chest.  

Let me first say that I understand these are supposed to be "cute", and maybe even funny. But there is something very weird about the idea of my newborn son being so into the ladies. I mean, he's a baby. He eats and sleeps and poops. And that's exactly the way it should be.

In a world where everything is hyper-sexualized, do we really need to be projecting that onto our kids?

Some might argue that he's a baby and he doesn't know what it means - but I don't think that makes it okay. Until my child is old enough to be able to choose what he wants to wear, I will choose to dress him in teddy bear prints and polka dots and sweaters that say "I ❤ Daddy", because that much we know for sure. 

One day he might like girls, and he might not! He might have crushes, and write love notes, and go on dates - but there is plenty of time for that. The majority of our lives are spent as adults. And I think many of us would go back to a carefree childhood if we could. So let's let kids be kids and babies be babies, and deal with the rest as it comes.