postpartum hair loss vs. viviscal

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I remember the day my hair started falling out. It was about two months after I had Milo. I was in the shower, washing my hair.. and as I combed my fingers through the strands, I felt it all come out as if it were never attached in the first place. I looked down at two handfuls of my own hair. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING?!

I’d heard from a few moms that during pregnancy, your hair gets super thick and beautiful... but I wouldn’t know if that actually happened because I was too tired and sick to notice. Now, what these other moms failed to mention was that something would also happen after pregnancy. So what the hell was going on?? I turned to Dr. Google, and there were all the answers - right there in black and white:

Something about pregnancy makes your regular, day to day hair loss cease. So, in a sense it probably does seem thicker.. and thus more beautiful, if you’re into that sort of thing. But after the darling bebe comes out, this magical phenomenon ends, and alllll that hair that *forgot* to fall out over the past 10 months falls out. All. At. Once. A mildly horrifying experience, to say the least. 

Here I am post hair loss / pre viviscal treatment

Here I am post hair loss / pre viviscal treatment

Enter Viviscal, an extra-strength dietary supplement for thicker & fuller hair, complimented by the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying shampoo, conditioner, and elixir (similar to serum). Viviscal is clinically proven to give you thicker & fuller looking hair, and may reduce hair shedding. Well, my shedding happened all at once, so that wasn’t my main concern. And to be honest I’ve always had pretty thick hair, so once I got over the initial shock of seeing it all fall out, it really wasn’t the end of the world. 

I really started to *freak out* when the new hairs started coming in. I lovingly refer to them as the baby hairs. YES - the hair grows back! “How exciting!”, you must be thinking.


This regrowth was weird. It was awkward. It was patchy and it showed up all throughout my hair. And in those beginning stages when those little baby hairs were sprouting - they stuck STRAIGHT up out of my head. I looked like I had been electrocuted. That was when I knew I needed to do something!

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I began using the Viviscal system about 6 months ago. The haircare products really do give your hair a thicker appearance, which I noticed after the first wash. I don’t wash my hair very often, so I would use it whenever I felt like I needed a boost.

The supplements of course took some time to kick in, but I would say I noticed results within a month, and there were even a few  days where I forgot to take them (mom brain!). My hair began to come in thicker, and finally the baby hairs got long enough to lay flat. If you follow me on Instagram, you might recall my weekly baby hair updates. Milo and I actually had a similar style going on at one point. 👇🏻😅

Here you can see the progression of my bangs starting to grow back. Once they got longer, they didn’t look all that bad. They almost looked like an intentional 90s whispy bang. But what’s harder to see in the photos is that these baby hairs were all throughout my head. I had to use a strategic combination of serums & hairsprays to try to tame them - although at that first stage, there was no stopping the madness. 😂

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I didn’t fully realize how much hair I had lost until it started coming in thicker. The hairs closest to my head are now thick and short, but the rest is long and thin. My ponytail looks particularly funny. 

During this awkward ponytail period, I’ve been using Toppik hair building fibres to fill in my patchy spots. It comes in a variety of colours and sprays on like a fine powder, masking your thin areas. I can’t believe I’d never heard about this product before, because it’s seriously a game changer! Even if you haven’t had a baby or experienced major hair loss, it’s a great way to even out your hairline, Kim K. style. (I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed her impossibly flawless hairline!!)

Here is my before and after! You can see how much my hair has grown, and how much fuller it looks. I plan to continue using the Viviscal Extra Strength supplements until I’m happy with the overall length, and then I’ll probably cut the longer bits to even it all out. I wish I had known about Viviscal when I first started to lose my hair, but at least I’ll be ready for next time... whenever that is! LOL 😜

Viviscal & Toppik are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, and online at & - be sure to check them out for more info!

This post was created in partnership with Viviscal & Toppik. All views & opinions are my own.