review: LOV montréal


I am vegetarian (well technically pescatarian, but who’s counting), so naturally I “flock” to veg establishments wherever I go. It’s not that I have anything against meat eaters (I’m married to one!), but it’s nice being able to order whatever I want from the menu without worrying about bits of meaty things being hidden inside. And when I say hidden, I just mean that I don’t know the names of very many meat things LOL. #thestruggle


We recently took a trip to Montréal (more on that later), and I was recommended LOV by a few people. Also Google. So we had to check it out!


LOV is like every trendy restaurant you want to go to. The decor is *flawless*, with abundant greenery - a true vegetarian oasis. 


Now, we arrived sans reservation, as one does when one is traveling with no itinerary. (AKA traveling with a baby.) It was pretty clear that this practice is not recommended at LOV, but we managed to score the *last* available table. Yay!


The table was marble which is an obvious blogger win, and the menus were finished with rose gold details.

This amazing green rope installment hung beside our table and it was nothing short of mesmerizing. Btw the ceilings were like, I wanna say a million feet tall.


There were antique and garden vibes throughout, and even the bathrooms followed suit. 

I had a really hard time deciding what to order, because everything sounded so delish. The great thing about the menu is that the dishes are all vegan-based, but you have the option of adding cheese (and even eggs, where applicable). 


We started with the quinoa fritters / croquettes de quinoa. They were to die. The textures and flavours in these little bites were so different from anything I’ve tried, but it all made so much sense. They were fruity, salty, crispy - everything you want in an appetizer! I give it 5 stars.


For our entrées, I had the Gnocchi di casa, and Alex the LOV poutine. We ordered each dish with *real* cheese, which I would definitely recommend if you’re a cheese lover like me.


The dishes were beautiful, fresh and packed with flavour. The charred lemon was a really nice touch on the gnocchi, though I will say the dish was veryyy pesto-y, so make sure you’re a fan if you decide to order! 

Alex was definitely missing the meat on his poutine, but the fries were tasty nonetheless. 😂


We decided to try the vegan red velvet cake for dessert, which was pretty good, but the icing was quite dry and crumbly. Nothing a few americanos couldn’t fix.


If you’re going to be in Montréal and you enjoy veg cuisine, I would definitely recommend you check out LOV. Even if veggie food isn’t your first choice, go for the decor!! I myself would love to go back for brunch, so if anyone’s down for a quick road trip, slide into my DMs! 📥😂