skirts & tees


This outfit is so me, it’s ridiculous.

Let me ask this question: Who do you dress for?

Do you dress for yourself? Your significant other? Strangers? Your boss?

If you answered anyone other than yourself, you are doing it wrong bb girl (or boy)! You know that feeling you get when you look in the mirror, and you know you're looking fly as hell? You should feel that every day. And that doesn't have to mean you're dressed up or down, or in any particular style. You just have to wear something that speaks to you. The minute you start doing that, you have never looked better, honey! Trust me!


I love love love mixing casual pieces with more feminine pieces - like this t-shirt & skirt combo. It says, “I want to be put together, but also comfortable.” And that’s what personal style is all about - feeling comfortable and fabulous in whatever you’re wearing! 

I'm on a major graphic tee kick these days, partly because you can never really go wrong with a cute tee, but mostly because mom life is messy, and tees are washable. Lol!


I love art, and I've always been fascinated with Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans. So I was super excited to find out about this collection at Uniqlo, which is inspired by various influential artists. I just had to snag the soup tee for myself - it's like a little piece of wearable art history, and one that really speaks to me. Again - what style is all about! How cool is that? And fyi, the prices on this collection are pretty unbelievable, so if you're an *art meets fashion* fan, you gotta check it out!!


Another trend I've been hitting hard is sneakers. Sneakers are making a pretty big splash this season and it’s now acceptable - *ahem* - fashionable to wear them with anything! I recommend picking up a classic white pair of tennis shoes, like these Stan Smiths, for pairing with skirts, dresses and crops in particular. They really are the comfiest way to polish an outfit!


The great thing about this pleated skirt is that it has an elasticized waist, so you can throw it on over anything and eat a bunch of spaghetti and it'll still fit. I think the pleat trend is here to stay for a while, and black is so obviously classic, so if you're thinking about picking one up I say go for it! I'm loving pairing mine with tees and sweaters and crop tops alike. This one is from Aritzia and is currently on sale (!!), and I've linked some others for you to check out below.


Now that I've posted all these photos in bare legs and short sleeves.. let's hope the warmer temps will take note!!

top - uniqlo
blazer - h&m
skirt - aritzia
shoes - adidas
bag - gucci
watch - daniel wellington