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Since becoming a mom six months ago (omg 6 months?!), I have learned a lot, and pretty much abandoned everything I *thought* I knew about parenting. The thing is, parenting is hard to plan for. Every child is so different, and just when you get to know the baby in front of you, they go and change again. It's like they enjoy messing with us!!

I've been explaining to friends that with each day comes a choice - a choice to sleep, or shower, or eat. You can only choose one. I know this sounds like a joke but I could not be more serious. I've gone like 4 days without showering.

The unpredictability of a baby is crazy stressful. Smelling like a big giant foot due to a lack of shower is even more stressful. But amidst all the tears and diapers and spit up, there are things that make it a little easier. One of those things is a great stroller.


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Navigating the city with a little one is challenging to say the least. We're a one-car family and hubby takes the car to work, so during the day it is me, Milo, and our City Select LUX.


One of my favourite things about this stroller is its massive storage basket. I am not exactly the strongest lady, so it bodes well for my shopping habits that I can easily stash my purchases below and still have two free hands! Not to mention it easily houses all of Milo's gear, eliminating the need to tote around a clunky diaper bag while running around town.


With 8-inch front wheels, navigating the city's streetcar tracks, curbs, and endless construction is no problémo. We glide right over the bumps! And the all-wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride (aka a longer nap!) for Milo!!



The City Select LUX has a "handy" hand brake (I know, I know), so I can both decelerate and park with the same lever. I really like the hand brake feature because it's literally at my fingertips, making it easy to keep my eye on the bebe while operating the controls.



Milo absolutely loves going for walks in his stroller. The constant movement keeps him content, and he loves looking around at all the people and scenery. He always smiles back at those who smile at him, which is just the cutest thing ever.

The City Select LUX is convertible in every way imaginable, which makes it a great choice for any parent. I can face the seat towards me, which is my current preference because I can stare at this cute little face, but I can also easily reverse it so that Milo can check out his surroundings.

The seat easily reclines to different positions, which is a great feature for when Milo falls asleep. I just lay it back with the click of a button, and he is cozied up for nap time!


With over 20 configurations, this stroller will truly grow with your family - accommodating a second seat, or pram, or car seat, or even a bench seat for an older child! It's so funny that as soon as you have one baby, everyone starts asking when you're having another. It's like, can I catch my breath for a minute?! At least I know when the time comes, this stroller will have us prepared. As prepared as we can be anyways!!

You can check out photos of all the different configurations here.


I am shocked and appalled that the cold has arrived already, but Milo's 5-point harness is fully adjustable and easily accommodates his snow suit. I often loosen it to get him all buckled in, and then tighten it as needed. I swear he grows by the day, so this is a really helpful feature! 


Between #momlife and blogging, I have my fair share of coffee dates, lunch meetings and media events, and it can be a bit intimidating navigating downtown restaurants with a stroller. But the City Select LUX is super easy to maneuver, and even though it has double stroller capabilities, it is actually very compact! I can easily park it between tables or beside a booth without being in the way.

Taking the car is a breeze too - because this stroller folds up so small it should be considered a party trick! It fits perfectly inside the trunk, leaving lots of extra space for groceries (or shoes)! 


The City Select LUX is a great choice for style-conscious parents, because as you can see, it's très cute. We got it in Slate because we love grey, but it comes in 3 other trendy colours too. You can check them out here (I really love Port as well)!

Baby Jogger also makes a ton of compatible accessories, so you can totally customize your baby's ride. I'm talking cup holder, belly bar, foot muff - you name it!!

If you think your baby is going to totally change your life.. well, they will!
But with the City Select LUX, you don't have to change your lifestyle. You just get to make it a little cuter!

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This post was created in partnership with Baby Jogger, however all opinions are honest & my own.